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Moscow Translation Agency works with translators who specialize in the subject matter at hand. Many of them have degrees in economics, law or technical fields in addition to language education. Having in-depth knowledge of the subject matter means they are well-versed in industry terminology, resulting in a specialized translation of the highest quality.

Understanding the specifics of translation projects and how to build relationships with customers, MTA has two kinds of project managers—those who work with customers and those who work with translators and interpreters. This separation of roles allows us to achieve greater efficiency in each area.

Moscow Translation Agency’s service quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and includes the following main elements:

  • Assigning a personal manager to each customer and establishing guidelines for those who do the work
  • Managing all the work processes associated with customer orders in the XTRF translation project management system
  • Creating a glossary for each customer’s projects and keeping it up-to-date
  • Using computer-aided translation (CAT) programs in order to maintain consistent quality and terminology
  • Mandatory implementation of professional editing when translating all documents (the European standard EN 15038 )
  • Three-tiered testing, certification and regular training.

In all of our translation projects, MTA makes the most of existing translation technologies, and the translator relations department is headed by one of Russia’s top experts in CAT tools.

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